Jeanneau Leader 30 inboard anchored at sea

Winter Service Rates

Winterization of engine includes, general inspection of engine, draining engine of raw water, starting and running on winterizing machine, pumping -100 F antifreeze in engine, fogging, and prepping carb for winter storage.


Winterization Rates

Gas Stern Drive $238.50 per motor
Gas Inboard $238.50 per motor
Diesel Sail $205.00
Diesel Power $225.00
Generator Gas $238.50 per motor
Generator Diesel $225.00
Add Fuel Stabilizer only(up to 150 gallons) $24.99
Add Fuel Stabilizer only(up to 250 gallons) $37.99
Outboards (mounted on boat)
1, 2 & 3 Cylinder $168.00 + parts
4, 6 & 8 Cylinder $188.00 + parts
Water Systems
Cold Water  $145.00
Hot and Cold $250.00
Washing Machine $125.00
A/C Unit $130.00
Dockside Water Inlet $40.00
Wash Down Pump $40.00
Head Systems $165.00 each
Ice Maker $100.00
Other T &M

Change Engine Oil & Filters

Engines $120.00 + parts
Generator T & M
Transmission T & M
Sail – Diesel Auxiliary $195.00
Power 4 Cylinder $175.00 + parts
Power 6 Cylinder $185.00 + parts
Power 8 Cylinder $200.00 + parts
12 Cylinder $225.00 + parts
Generator T & M
Transmission T & M
Pump Out
In water pump out $150.00
On land pump out $245.00
DIY at Commissioning Dock FREE

Check and Service Closed Cooling Systems on all Engines

While on board tech will run engine, bring to temp and check coolant levels. If coolant needs to be topped off, we will do so. If it’s bad, it will need to be flushed out, old coolant removed and new coolant put in to make proper temp range.

Gas Engines T & M
Diesel Engines T & M
Recondition Props T & M

Basic Out Drive Service

Basic service includes general inspection of drive and bellows. Drain and refilling drive with new drive oil. Pressure testing. Replacing and drain vent seal. Greasing of all points on driveand gimbal bearing.

Mercury $120.00 per engine & parts
Volvo/OMC $135.00 per engine & parts

Complete Out drive Service

Complete service includes: Basic service above and removal of outdrive, inspection of bellows, gimbal bearing and transom assembly, draining of drives and PSI testing, replacing drain and vent seal and filling drive with gear oil, removal of prop and greasing of all points on drive including prop shaft, yoke shaft, u joints and gimbal bearing, installing outdrive seal kit and reinstallation.

Mercury Alpha $280.00 per engine + parts
Mercury Bravo $250.00 per engine + parts
Volvo/OMC $310.00 per engine + parts

Shrink-Wrap Program

(Includes support, assembly, vents & door)    ESTIMATE ONLY. Quote Per Boat.

16-21 ft $16.95/ft
22-26 ft $18.25/ft
27-32 ft $21.75/ft
33-36 ft $26.35/ft
37-40 ft $29.45/ft
41 ft and over $34.45/ft

Additional fee for all sailboats, and/or boats with bridge, hardtop or radar arch: Up to 30′ add $150.00. For 31′ and over, add $300.00.

Up to 30 ft $165.00
31 and Up $330.00