Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 479 sailing along the islands

Spring Service Rates

The Service Department at Riverside Marina and Yacht Sales in NJ, led by Bruce Woodington, offers great service at great prices. Our technicians and yard operators provide expert service every time.

Contact Suzanne Woodington at 856-461-1077 or send us an email


Spring Recommission (Full Boat)

Drain, flush and fill the water system. Check all belts and hoses, start and run engines. Activate all winterized systems. Plug boat in (if applicable).

$9.99ft  up to 30′
31′-39′ $10.99ft
40′ & up $11.99ft
(Engines Only) $125 + parts

Spring Tune-up

Tune-up includes: replacement of spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor. Set timing and adjust the carburetor. Boat is then test run to finalize adjustments.

4 cylinder engine (inboard) $195.00 + parts
4 cylinder engine (I/O) $225.00 + parts
6 cylinder engine (inboard) $230.00 + parts
6 cylinder engine (I/O) $250.00 + parts
8 cylinder engine (inboard) $260.00 + parts
8 cylinder engine (I/O) $270.00 + parts

Basic Out Drive Service

Basic service includes general inspection of drive and bellows. Drain and refilling drive with new drive oil. Pressure testing. Replacing and drain vent seal. Greasing of all points on drive and gimbal bearing.

Mercury $120.00 per engine & parts
Volvo/ OMC $135.00 per engine & parts
Other Call for Quote

Complete Outdrive Service

This service includes basic outdrive service plus removal of outdrive, greasing u-joints and inspecting and lube gimbal bearing. Check alignment and reinstall outdrive. Alpha’s Change impeller

Mercury Alpha $280.00 per engine & parts
Mercury Bravo $250.00 per engine & parts
Volvo/OMC $310.00 per engine & parts

Change Anodes

$125.00 & parts

Marine Engine oil and filter change

  • Sail Drive Starting at  $250.00 + parts
  • Gasoline Engines Starting at $125.00 + parts
  • Diesel Engines Starting at $160.00 (includes parts)
  • Other filter changes by Quote (T&M)

Boat Bottom painting

  • Repaint Bottom Paint $19.50/ft to $27.50/ft (depending on the type of paint)
  • New Bottom Paint (never been painted before) $37.00/ft
  • Soda Blast by Quote

*Includes light sanding. If scraping is required, there will be an additional fee quoted prior to painting.

Misc Service Work

Labor Rate $150.00/hour
  • Ramp Fee $15.00
  • Haul, wash, block or load $13.95/ft
  • Haul, no-wash, block, or load $8.95/ft
  • Short Haul (haul, hang, relaunch) $7.95/ft
  • Power Bottom Wash $8.95/ft
  • Non-painted bottom wash $10.95/ft
  • Lift and reblock $6.95/ft
  • Lift and load/unload boat from trailer $9.95/ft
  • Launch $4.95/ft
  • Tow Fee $60.00
  • Extra stands charge $38.00 per stand
  • Pack and load mast for transport T&M
  • Mast unstep/restep $13.95/ft (plus crane fee)
  • Mast storage next to boat $250.00 (per season)