*** 50 ton travel lift with a 21ft beam capacity!

*** 6ft Channel


Winter Boat Storage Rates


Riverside Marina offers both indoor and outdoor winter storage for your convenience.  Both options include haul, bottom wash, block and re-launch in the spring.  .

Power boats:

  • Up to 25' (20' minimum): $29.00/ft
  • 26' to 30': $34.00/ft
  • 31' and 39': $39.90/ft
  • 40' plus: 42.00/ft

Sail boats:

  • All sizes, 20' min.: $42.00/ft
  • Additional boat stands: $38.00 each

***On Trailer (Boats towed in to our yard on trailer, no haul out services required. Does not include bottom wash or relaunch in spring):  $16.00/ft

In Water Storage- $42/ft  all sizes

Dry Storage Indoors

-Riverside Marina and Yacht Sales will perform all services on boats stored indoors.  

-Owners who wish to wax hulls by hand are permitted during normal working hours only:

  • All sizes, 20' min.: $64.00/ft
  • Monthly indoor storage: $12.80/ft
  • Weekly indoor storage: $4.27/ft
  • Remove antennas and radar to clear entrance: $98.00/hr
  • Outboard Storage Remove and Replace: $259.00


•$350.00 deposit by September 15th

•A contract will be mailed to you.  Please sign and return with copies of current insurance and proof of registration.

•Balance due by October 1st.

•Cancellation Policy: There is a $350.00 non-refundable deposit held in the event of storage cancellation. Once the season begins, slips are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

•Rates are doubled for boats that have been in dry storage for a year or more.  

•The winter storage season runs October 15th through April 15th.  Storage for extended season is $15.00 a day after April 15th..  

Please call 856-461-1077 for any winter storage questions

***Please note that by signing up for winter storage you agree that our season runs October 15th to April 15th.  
Storage for extended season is $15.00 a day after April 15th.

Winter Storage Request

Please fill out the following for winter storage at Riverside Marina and Yacht Sales. Copies of your insurance and registration can be sent by mail, fax (856-461-7261) or email marina@riversideys.com 

First and Last Name:
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Boat Make and Year:
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