Marina Rules and Regulations


            Owner agrees to abide by the following rules and regulations, and such additional or different rules and regulations as may hereafter be published and or posted by the Marina.  As used in these Rules and Regulations, the term “Marina” shall, as appropriate, mean the Lessor or the Lessor’s marina area as described in the Boat Slip/Storage Space Lease Agreement and the term “Owner” shall mean the Lessee as described in the said Agreement or any other person in charge of the Owner’s boat.

1) ELECTRICAL SERVICE:  Any and all electrical lines, fixtures, accessories etc., which are connected directly or indirectly to Marina provided electrical supply must conform to current U.S. Coast Guard regulations and/or applicable state and local electrical codes as may pertain to marinas. 30-amp service requires 10-3 S.O. marine cable and 50-amp service requires 8-4 S.O. marine cable and connections.  Service breakers must be turned OFF when the boat is unplugged or away from its slip space.

2) ADDITIONAL UTILITIES:  (a) Fresh water service is available during mild weather months only, and is supplied at no charge to Owner.  It is required that water be shut off when the boat is unoccupied. Owners found to abuse the Marina's fresh water supply may be billed for those abuses; (b) Telephone service is not provided nor is it guaranteed by the Marina.  Any and all connections must be approved by the Marina in advance of installation or use.

3) ALTERATIONS: Additions to or alterations of a slip, dock or walkway are expressly prohibited unless approved in writing by the Marina.  In the event Marina approves an addition or alteration, said addition or alteration shall, in the discretion of the Marina,  either be removed by Owner at Owner’s cost or become the property of the Marina.  All unauthorized additions or alterations may be removed with the Owner being assessed for the removal.

4) SLIP ASSIGNMENTS: The Marina may reassign, for any reason and in its discretion, the slip assigned to the Owner, to a slip of equal or greater size.  If the Marina requests, Owner shall move Owner’s boat to a newly assigned slip.                                                       

5) BOATS SALES: Boats offered for sale within the marina area must be registered with the marina.  Those vessel Owners choosing not to list with the Marina or an affiliate as broker of record are prohibited from displaying signage promoting the sale of the boat by brokers other than the Marina or its affiliate.  Solicitation of customers is also prohibited within the Marina area.  Owners choosing not to list with a broker may advertise the sale of their own vessel by an appropriate sign and in print or other media not located within the Marina area.  Prospective buyers responding to Owner promotion and seeking access to the boat must be accompanied personally by Owner or owner’s agent.  Unless prior written approval is granted by the Marina, agents, brokers and the like are prohibited from operating within the Marina area.  The rules set forth in this section apply to the promotion and sale of boats, additions, and accessories and include merchandise and or services.

6) USE OF VACANT SLIP: The Owner agrees that during any period the slip assigned to the Owner is vacant, that the Marina may dock boats in such slip in the Marina’s ordinary course of business (e.g. during the process of moving boats, performing maintenance, etc.), but the slip will be returned to the Owner’s use upon the return of the Owner’s boat.


(a) Maximum vehicle speed limit in the Marina parking areas is 5 mph and the Marina reserves the right to limit and govern parking within the Marina area.

(b) Gasoline, motor boat fuel or flammable liquids may not be transferred from shore onto docks, slips, or boats unless done so by employees or agents of the Marina.  Fuel or oil may not be discharged or bilged into the waters of the marina or onto its roadways or parking areas.

(c) While occupying or cruising in the Marina area no garbage, refuse matter, sewage or waste material of any type may be thrown, discharged, deposited or allowed to fall from any boat, car or dock into the water or upon the shore, docks, slips, spaces or walkways.  Nor will any dock, slip, walkway, or shore area be used as a storage space for any gear or equipment unless authorized by the Marina in writing. Refuse oil or flammable liquids must be deposited in receptacles provided for those purposes.

(d) The Owner is responsible for the conduct of any and all persons using, visiting, or occupying his or her boat while such persons are within the Marina area.

(e) Swimming, diving or bathing is prohibited within the waters of the Marina.

(f) Advertising or soliciting is not permitted on any boat within the marina.  Likewise, the Marina area shall never be used by Owner for taking in or discharging persons for hire, rental of boats or for public or freight carrying of any kind.

(g) The wake created by all boats operated within the harbor must not cause damage or discomfort to the boats docked or their occupants.  A boat owner is responsible for any and all damage caused by the wake created by his or her boat.

(h) Noise will be kept at a minimum at all times.  Owners and their guests shall use discretion in operating engines, generators, radios, stereos, televisions and other equipment, so as not to create a disturbance or nuisance.  After the hour of 10:00 pm and before the hour of 8:00 a.m. a state of general quiet shall prevail.

(i) Pets, though not encouraged, are permitted only if enclosed or leashed and do not disturb or threaten other tenants.  They may be toileted only on the land areas adjacent to the Marina, and away from public traffic or use areas and in accordance with local laws.  Owner is responsible for cleaning up after and properly disposing of his or her pet's waste when toileted.  Pets may not be tied to docks or walkways.  Owner Takes full responsibility for their pet.

(j) Vendors are not permitted to conduct business or provide services in the Marina’s lease area unless such vendors are approved by the Marina and placed on the Marina’s list of approved vendors.  Owners may contact Marina management to determine if a vendor is approved.  All such vendors on the Marina’s approved list must provide the Marina with copy of required proof of insurance with evidence of satisfactory insurance that names the Marina as an additional insured.  No boat shall be repaired or constructed within the Marina area unless in case of an emergency, when special permission must be obtained.  The Marina may charge a service fee for outside vendors engaged by the Owner.

(k) Long-term trailer parking on Marina property is available for an additional charge.  Trailers left longer than two weeks are subject to removal at Owner's expense. Marina is not responsible for any trailers on the property.

(l) Owners, and their guests, must at all times be courteous to other boat owners, guests at the marina and Marina staff.  This rule applies to both the Marina and other areas adjacent to or used in common by the Marina with others, including the harbor, restaurant and parking areas.  Use of foul language, discourteous behavior or any other behavior that, in the opinion of the Marina’s management, is disruptive or discourteous will constitute a breach of Slip Rental Agreement and the Marina’s rules and regulations.  Possible sanctions for violation of this rule can result, at the discretion of the Marina’s management, in immediate removal of the offender from the Marina and, as with all rules and regulations of the Marina, termination of this Agreement.  Each Owner is responsible for the conduct of any and all persons using, visiting, or occupying the Owner’s boat while such parties are within the Marina areas.

(m) All boats shall be properly maintained and kept in a clean and orderly condition insofar as the exterior appearance therefore is concerned.  No laundering or drying of laundry is permitted on any deck or rigging of any boat or on the common areas.

(n) Notwithstanding anything contained herein, in the event that the condition of a vessel is such that there is an immediate danger to the public safety, navigation, or the environment, the Marina may, but is not required to, correct said condition by removing the boat or remedying the situation by any means the Marina deems appropriate.  The Owner of the boat shall be responsible for all costs associated with said corrections.  The Owner must maintain his/her vessel in a state of readiness for movement in case of fire or evacuation.  In an emergency, the Marina reserves the right, but not the responsibility, to take action as necessary and prudent to safeguard the Owner’s or any other person’s boat or property and the Owner shall be responsible for charges for the Marina staff and materials and/or the costs of hiring a contractor to move or remove the vessel and make any repairs required to make the boat or the situation which may endanger life, property, or natural environment safe.

(o) Launch and haulout scheduling shall be in the discretion of the Marina.


As of: January 31, 2014